Sunday Dinner // Nov 17th

Come and grab your ‘SUNDAY DINNER’ with the No Trackies/No Runners crew at Wigwam this Sunday, they’ll be serving up them vibey tracks all evening, free entrance, bring your friends and family!


‘No Trackies No Runners’… the soundtrack to every person whose been refused entry to the ”high class” night clubs of Ireland playing the radios current top 40/ early 2000s’/90s/80s & 70s music…shit even 60s if you’re lucky!
We don’t have time for that, we’re here to highlight the best of everything in the Urban genre from US/UK/Irish Rap, Trap to Alte & Bashment, expect them tracks you lowkey listen to at home thinking no ones on it along with them club bangers that the bro’s must mosh too. Wear what you want, vibe how you like, keep that positivity up and remember…NO TRACKIES NO RUNNERS.


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