Skee Mask // November 9th - Wigwam Dublin

Skee Mask // November 9th

Big one this!

Having broken onto the scene from a very young age as Boys Noize protege SCNTST, Bryan Muller was releasing music anonymously under his Skee Mask moniker when was picked up and signed to Ilian Tape by the Zenker Brothers, who contacted him through SoundCloud.
His breakthrough release, the stunning ‘Routine’, was an immediate hit, from which he gained huge praise, along with wide comparisons to the likes of Aphex Twin, Burial and Special Request. He has backed this up and surpassed all expectations in 2018 with the release of his breathtaking new album ‘Compro’ on Ilian Tape.



Skee Mask [Ilian Tape]

Conor Foley [Distortion]


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