No More Hotels

Too many cultural hubs in Dublin have been bulldozed to make way for just-for-profit hotels. When it comes to planning and legislation, clubbing isn’t considered culture. Or commercially viable. The city is losing her late night soul. Prinks are taking people out of the city and we’re losing the ‘getting-ready-for-a-big-Saturday-night-out’ vibe in town.


With No More Hotels we want to get people into clubs early. We want to re-live the glory days when you were fizzin’ to get your glam on and dance into the night. We want to emphasise that clubbing is culture. We want to do all this… on the sesh.


The night is going to go like this:

DINNER & SHOW: 8pm – 11pm 

Lineup TBA…


DISCO: 11pm – 3am

Lineup TBA…


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