Niwel Tsumbu Sounds Live-June 9th (Upstairs) - Wigwam Dublin

Niwel Tsumbu Sounds Live-June 9th (Upstairs)

Niwel Tsumbu plays electric & acoustic guitars & singing mostly in his native ‘Lingala’, Niwel plays a range of music that stretches from contemporary versions of Congolese traditional music from the 1930s & 40s to modern jazz. Niwel’s love of the Spanish style of guitar playing beautifully exposes Rumba’s Latin roots. As well as playing guitar Niwel plays drums, percussion and saxophone. His style represents his passion and love for the music which has influenced him, From Soukous to Rumba. From the start Niwel has been producing and performing some really great pieces of music. From his first release “UH! E ZA NZELA MOLAYI”  to  S’ALL VIBRATION’ which was released in October 2011 with an Irish national tour.

Niwel Tsumbu continues to provide sweet beautiful music and we’re really excited to have him play upstairs on Saturday the 9th June.