Live From The Basement

June 23rd

Deep Groove Live 

8pm – Paul Allen

9pm – Tr One



Coming very very soon from a much loved and missed basement near you – don’t expect any frills or fuss – it’s going to be a DJ, a camera and someones going to hit records.

We’ve been getting all our most missed DJs, collectives and pillars of the scene and lining them out to do something exciting for you all.


April 29thWoozy w/ Ema, Sputnik One, Glimmerman & more… 

May 6th  – Bill Mango & Long Island Sound  

May 13thObskür  

May 20thYing Yang w/ Efa O’Neill & More 

May 22ndPure Shores 

May 27thBella Festa 

June 3rd  Subject w/ Cailin, Mode1 & more… 

June 23rdDeep Groove w/ TR One & more… 


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