Improving those Ping Pong Skills


We wrote up a little something on ways to improving your ping pong skills. Because lets be honest here, we’re getting very sick and tired of watching all these amateurs play at our tournament. We wanna see a bit of competition just give us a chance to say ‘ooooooh’ or ‘boooo’ and not ‘For the love of god’.

Just do us a favour and have a read over them, so we can put an End to Kevin winning every week. We’ve heard all the excuses before, “oh I tripped” or “the ball slipped”. We’ve had enough, now it’s time to put your game face on…


( An article from Daily Sports helped us put this together)

Tip no1: Get a Perfect Paddle
Well this doesn’t apply to us, cause we’ve already got the perfect paddles here in Wigwam. So we can skip this one

Tip no2 Exploit the Rival’s Weaknesses