Festa Junina at Wigwam 2023




Join us this June as Botequin and Hopfully collaborate to celebrate Brazilian’s Festa Junina at Wigwam ~ think feijão tropeiro, caipirinhas, petisco, coxinhas, traditional games, Brazilian country music, Hopefully beer & drinks, DJs, drag brunches & more 👀👀
Preparem seus chapéus e venham curtir o Arraiá com a gente! 

June 17th & 18th

– How Does it Work –

Festa Junina will run the entire Saturday & Sunday

If you have any questions regarding tickets just get in touch : info@wigwamdublin.com

1. Just Walk in or Book in Online | Free

You can always walk into Wigwam without a booking or ticket. Tickets below just guarantee your entry and get you a nice 2x drinks on arrival. If booking in or rocking up make sure you check our our schedule of events beforehand. Book in under general enquiry if you’re just heading for the festive experience and food & drinks.

2. Saturday Day / Night Tickets | €5

Tickets are only available for Saturdays – please note: you will need a ticket into the venue on Saturday past 8pm!  Be sure to check our our schedule of events beforehand though

Ticket include 1x caipirinha cocktail on arrival




If you have any questions get in touch below:

info@wigwamdublin.com | (01) 873 4020