Community - Wigwam Dublin


We partner and run various initiatives in our local community. If you are running a charity event in our area, and would like us to donate tickets, or food/drinks vouchers, or use our venue to hold a meeting or a fundraising event please get in touch. We might not be able to honour every request, and its important that it be local to us [ roughly speaking, within a 2k radius of Abbey St], but other than that, thats it . Please email us at [email protected] for all requests.

Whole Lott-a LoveĀ 

This is a new project we hope to start in early 2019. The premise is simple, we organise local business workers, and residents, who work or live on North Lotts Lane to meet up 1 afternoon a month to help clean & tidy Lotts Lane. We will organise food and drinks after, and its just a good way to help make the beautiful cobbles of Lotts Lane shine, and maybe meet some like minded people, and who knows some new friends. After we get a few monthly sessions off the ground, in the summer we are hoping to organise a flea market/street feast style party on the lane for all the community, but thats subject to support from residents and the council. The monthly cleanup, we can organise from the start of the year.

If you’d like to participate in the monthly cleanup, or help out in some other way, please get in touch via the form below…