This September 2023 we launch the next iteration of Botequin, brought you by Pedro Ferraz



Menus here


Promo Plan



Trev Notes


We need a side menu, running our ‘classics’ . So do we keep menus separate, or have a couple of pages? something to think about how we organise and present that We need a quality dessert menu that appeals to families/masses on the above too We need 5 showstopper dishes 1 big group sharing platter style thing for 4-6+ people that when it goes out on floor, everyone notices it 4 dishes that visually do similar, and look/work well online  We need a promo TFL that includes 

  • launch / invite night for 50-100 people 
  • Pedro to list out all promoters/collectives he knows so we can reach out for help 
  • For all of the above, music collectives etc, we organise a discount rate so if they come to us, post on social, we’ll sort them out in return