A cleaning product you can drink

Not only does Baz our head bar tender like conjuring up cocktails, he also make his own cleaning products and one so that you can happen to drink as well. He claims he makes his own toothpaste as well, which works better than any brand he’s ever used, we’ll pass on using that one though.

So simply a jar of water, vinegar, lemon juice and a little bit of rosemary. It works wonders for cleaning down your counters. Vinegar kills bacteria and viruses, lemon oils and lemon juice aid the vinegar in breaking down oils & fats. Then the rosemary simply helps make the aroma much more pleasant (personally can’t stand the smell of vinegar) and it’s safe and surprisingly tasty to drink. Give it a go.

Wanna ask Baz how he makes his toothpaste? Contact us here 🙂


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