World Cup 2018 at Wigwam - Wigwam Dublin

World Cup 2018 at Wigwam

We’ll be showing EVERY match for the World Cup, but especially the Brazil matches 🇧🇷

For every Brazil match, we’ll have bottomless bites on. As many bites as you want for e18.

We’ll even go further, if you wanna just have drinks, we’ll do the same deal, for bottles of Brahma/Cairprinha’s. As many as you can handle for e18. Bring your last one back, to get a new one. This deal lasts from 30 minutes before kick off, until the final whistle, otherwise we’d be applying for bankruptcy for this place.

The main dates/times for the Brazil games are….

June 17th – 7pm – Brazil v Switzerland

June 22nd – 1pm – Brazil v Costa Rica

June 27th – 7pm – Brazil v Serbia


to make a table/area booking, get in touch ….

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