Carnaval 2018 – Wigwam Dublin

Carnaval 2018

9-14th February 2018…

For Carnaval 2018 we are going full on Brazilian style. We’ll have special events for food, dancing, crafts, drinks, music and art – all spread out over 6 days and nights.

We are currently looking for anyone, and everyone who wants to get involved if your an artist, or food maker, run dancing classes, or are in a band, or play music suitable to the kinda style we’ve been developing at Wigwam over the last 2 years.

Fuba Cachaca and Brahma beer are back on board as sponsors for 2018.


Friday Feb 9th

Upstairs: E Dublin Presents Edi Nunes & Lex Woo (Babalonia)

Basement : Subconcious present Jacky Murda

Saturday Feb 10th

Upstairs: Maracatu Live & Disco É Cultura

Basement : Bodytonic & Spectrum present DJ Marky –  Tix here

Sunday 11th February

Upstairs: All day party with Pilantragi, Zeembas Live & Pablo

Monday 12th February

Drink and Draw Dublin 

Tuesday February 13th

Rhythm, alchemy Dublin & Meraki and Guests

Wednesday February 14th:

Upstairs: Pablo

Basement: Pablo/Garapa


We’re featuring a wide range of special recipes over the course of Carnaval, check them out here:

Friday 9th
Regular menu special Bites (pastel, coxinha)
Saturday 10th 
Feijoada / special Bites (pastel, coxinha)
Sunday 11th
Feijoada  / special Bites (pastel, coxinha)
Monday 12th
Regular menu / special Bites (pastel, coxinha)
Tuesday 13th
Regular menu / special Bites (pastel, coxinha)
Wednesday 14th
Hearty Bowl (Escondidinho) Special Night – Chicken, Brisket Meat, Prawns, Mushrooms and Peppers.

Much more to be added….

If you’d like to get involved, get in touch below…

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